#E2I National Enslave to Independence week event – June 27-July 4

#E2I National Enslave to Independence week event. I am creating this event as an attempt to contribute to our Damsel in Defense Company to rescue 5 girls this one week. There are 27 million sex slaves in our world. We want to help save these innocent people from this horrific life. What we do here in the USA helps girls and boys in other countries that have no voice. I just went to Cambodia and Thailand and saw the devastation that is there. Being able to work with the rescued girls in the homes there that we support was life changing. We not only change our world for today, but FOREVER!

Out of all the girls that Destiny Rescue saves, 80% don’t return to the sex slave industry, 12% do, and 8% they lose track of. We are doing amazing things keeping our people safe and those that don’t have a voice. The average age to start in the sex slave industry is 11. We need to stop this!

How can you help? You can book your own Empower Hour, Lunch and Learn, Children’s Safety Class, or a Warrior Workshop. It’s FREE and when you host an event you get FREE and Half off protection perks! You could also start your own business and become a Damsel Pro yourself if you are passionate about what we do. Or you can order below or donate.

Please go to this page to order your safety tools that in turn helps the girls we help in Cambodia and India.

If you want to donate you can do so and I will buy protection products and donate them to Stand Up Placer and Women of Worth! If you want to host an empower hour, let me know. Together we can do much more.


Jun 27 2019


Lori Osmond Damsel in Defense Independant Pro